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Solar Solutions


With our latest solar offering we now cater to the residential markets as well. Otium Technology will install solar power systems for you home varing anywhere from 1 KW to 50 KW in capacity.


Otium Technology has had great success in catering to the commercial segment in South Punjab. We provide solar solutions to a variety of clients in this segment including schools, hospitals, offices, shops, farms and more.


Otium Technology uses the latest state-of-the-art systems to provide solar power to small and large industries. With the capacity to provide multi-megawatts solutions, Otium Technology will make you forget all your power concerns.


From 1 KW to Multiple MWs We Provide a Solution for All

Otium Technology creates smart solutions designed specifically for you. Our requirement optimization process ensures that any deployed systems will not be unnecessarily excessive or insufficient for you; This process when combined with our ultra efficient technology enables us to provide you with the lowest possible per unit electrical cost. 

Otium Technology also provides net-metering licensing, compliance and installation services. Otium Technology is an approved vendor of Bank of Khyber; Our customers will be eligible for a loan from BOK on residential solar systems installed by us.

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What is Solar Net-Metering?

Solar net-metering systems are solar power systems installed with a special MEPCO/WAPDA meter that enables you to sell excess power that you generate back to MEPCO/WAPDA in exchange for unit credits. These systems can be installed anywhere ranging from residential to industrial environments in both rural and urban areas.

Benefits of Solar Net-Metering

Solar net-metering systems can provide many benefits to the average consumer. Some of these benefits include:

Lower or negative electricity bills.

No power is wasted due to a lack of storage which gives you a better value for money.

Ability to lower capital and operational costs by utilizing the grid for power storage instead of battery systems.

The ability to power multiple sites in completely different locations from one solar installation by utilizing the grid.

Power generated during low loads in winter can be utilized during the summer.

Why Otium Technology?

Otium Technology prides itself in maintaining exceptional quality control and adherence to industrial standards for all small to large installations. Otium Technology’s unrivaled aftersale services are the best available in the Pakistani market.

The Otium Technology Advantage

Otium Technology differentiates itself from its competition in many ways. Some of the benefits you receive by having Otium Technology as your partner in solar technology include:

The longest inverter warranty in Pakistan.

The longest solar panel warranty in Pakistan.

The only solar company to provide a workmanship warranty in Pakistan.

3 months of free panel washing service with every installation.

The only solar company with a fully equipped repair and service center in Multan to ensure urgent fault recovery for customers in the Multan district.

Otium Technology’s proprietary requirement optimization process ensures you get the best possible value for your money.


On-Grid solar systems are designed to be grid-tied. These systems typically utilize net-metering for energy storage. On-grid have the cheapest capital costs and offset their cost the fastest when installed without battery systems. 

These systems are ideal for customers who are unconcerned with load shedding and are only looking to lower their electrical bill.


Off-Grid solar systems are designed to work as an isolated power source. They are not directly connected to any power authority or grid system. The per unit electrical cost of these systems is solely the cost of the solar system itself.

These systems are ideal for customers in remote regions which don’t have availability of the grid.


Hybrid solar systems are designed to work utilizing both solar panels and the grid as needed. These systems utilize batteries and optionally net-metering for energy storage. They provide the best of both on-grid and off-grid systems.

These systems are ideal for customers who wish to avoid load shedding while lowering the cost of their electrical bill.